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Communications and social media skills for comms pros

Be creative, fearless & proud.

Your workload may be bananas.

The topic may seem dry and corporate.

But I can help your campaigns and content dazzle with creativity!

My social media and comms training is about boosting skills, inspiration and confidence.

So, talented comms and marketing professionals, don’t be afraid: get ready to burst with pride over your best work yet.

I’m Hel Reynolds and I’m an award-winning expert in creative social media strategies. I work with corporate comms and marketing pros to build skills and confidence.  

My clients and students have more ambitious social media strategies, tonnes more engagement and they get better results from their comms. 


I’ll train your team: in person, or online


I’ll share insight, and bring your audiences alive

Work with me

I’ll share expert comms and creative advice

Get the perfect amount of whelm

I’ll help you pros go from overwhelmed to confident in building thriving social media communities using my strategy and content blueprint.

I can help if you:

  • Get last minute requests to share stories
  • Have to communicate a zillion stories but no time to craft them
  • People at work pull you in a hundred directions at once

I’ve been there and I know that feeling! I’ve taught thousands of comms and marketing pros how to be less stressed, more creative, and to beam with pride of their work.

Learn to think like a creative and plan like a strategist on my three signature courses:

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