Communications and social media training

Public sector social media crisis workshopSocial For The People Academy training will inspire you and give you practical skills:

  • Book in-house training, or away-day style sessions
  • Join one of the scheduled courses
  • Join an online course – learning courses with video, interactive quizzes and learning at your own pace.

Courses are designed for the unique needs of communications professionals in charities, universities and those who work in public service: housing associations, social care, local and central government.

Our top 6 courses are:

  • The social media masterclass
  • Social media SOS – crisis communications course
  • How to write a social media strategy
  • Creating shareable content for social media
  • Creative copy & content for the public sector – how to get people to ACT
  • Workshop: the social media newsroom

The social media masterclass
An advanced social media day-course for communications and digital professionals.  Read the course schedule and feedback from delegates. Including

  • Using the right social media tools for your audience
  • Insights, ideas and principles for writing better copy and creating engaging content
  • Advanced Facebook tips – get people to share your posts, increase your reach, be more engaging
  • Advanced visual and audio tips – make winning content for YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and more
  • Advanced Twitter tips – get retweets, increase your influence, capture people’s attention


Social media SOS – crisis communications course
What will you do when it all kicks off online?  We look at everything you need to manage a comms crisis on social media. Including:

  • Charting the new ways crisis situations unfold
  • Adopting the right tone
  • The Streisand Effect
  • How to respond to an angry mob
  • Techniques to avoid fanning the flames


How to write a social media strategy
Everything you need to consider to take the right and the best approach for your organisation.  By the end of the day you’ll have a template and everything you need to write & implement a social media strategy with impact. Including:

  • Network & content strategy
  • Identifying & finding audiences
  • A process for listening & engagement
  • Choosing the right channels
  • Deciding on your tone of voice

Creating shareable content for social media
Get people to share your content. A practical, fun using free Internet tools and social media sites to create effective, awesome visual content for a mobile age – posters, infographics, animated images, videos and more. Including:

  • The elements of the best social media content
  • Writing for social media audiences
  • Shareable visual media – photos, graphics and video
  • Interactive media – polls, quizzes and galleries
  • Free tools and creativity hacks

Creative copy & content for the public sector – how to get people to ACT
How do you write copy with a punch? What kind of techniques should we use to get people talking about our services? From constructing listicles to using psychological principles and make people feel emotion towards your writing. Including:

  • How to make your content shareable
  • Nudge and behavioural insights
  • Lessons from Trump and Brexit
  • Inspiring case studies
  • Tips, tricks and free tools to improve your social media copy

Workshop: the social media newsroom
We look at the issues your team faces, and how free online tools and social media sites can give your press office a boost. Including

  • How newsrooms use social media in their work
  • The elements of the successful online newsrooms
  • How to help & network with journalists using social media 
  • Making your content social media friendly
  • Tips, tricks and free tools to make your media relations effective.

Other training for staff in public service and social housing

  • An introduction to social media for the public sector
  • Social media for leadership and professional development
  • Engage your tenants: social media for housing associations
  • Local authority and influence: social media in local government
  • Social media for councillors

Hel will also develop bespoke training according to your needs and objectives.

Get in touch to arrange for a course to help your organisation.

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