Book your own NHS social media training

NHS social media is increasingly playing a huge role in making our communications more patient-focused, collaborative and user-friendly.

Getting the right social media training is essential: to build a solid understanding of the tools and opportunities, and making a long-term commitment to community engagement and relationship building.

NHS social media training

For over five years, Hel Reynolds has been delivering exceptional NHS social media training.

Her advice and teaching has made a positive and notable difference to how well organisations listen, how creative their content is, and how impactful their social media strategy is.

Hel has delivered inspiring social media training for NHS organisations including Ipswich Hospital Trust, NHS Digital, Colchester Hospital University, NHS Business Services Authority, and many more.

How we arrange NHS social media training

Book social media training for your housing associationBefore our training programme happens, we will have:

  • Agreed on the training needs of the group of delegates
  • Hel then uses her extensive knowledge to design a training agenda with clear learning outcomes.
  • Then we find convenient dates to deliver the training programme, which Hel delivers at your offices, or at an agreed venue.

Delegates get to take back to the office workbooks and key takeaway sheets that they can refer back to when putting their new skills and increased confidence into action!

All delegates are invited to stay in touch via the Bold, Brave Comms Facebook group, and they can also keep informed with tips and advice on social media, by signing up to the newsletter.

Who can benefit from NHS social media training?

We have ready made courses that suit the needs of many different functions within housing organisations.

Social media influence training for NHS leadership teams


  • Strategic uses of social media
  • Opportunities for senior leaders to build their personal brand online
  • Approaches to organisational digital transformation

Social media strategy training for NHS communications service teams

Covering issues such as:

  • Setting objectives
  • Audience segmentation
  • Tone of voice

Social media crisis training for NHS communications teams

Tackling issues such as:

  • Dealing with negative posts that affect brand reputation
  • Having an plan that works, no matter what the crisis is
  • Using video, blogs and social media influencers during a crisis

Social media engagement training for NHS communications teams

Looking at:

  • Techniques for getting more comments, likes and shares on Facebook and Twitter
  • Building your audiences
  • Creating exciting and effective content

There are more specialist communications and social media skills workshops especially for communications and public relations teams. See our main courses page for the full range.

Social media courses that inspire, and challenge

As well as focusing on building the skills you need to deliver results, Hel will challenge you to think big and not just ‘tick a box’ – helping you be creative, and achieve excellence that makes a real difference.

Have a look at prices for training, and get in touch to discuss your needs.

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