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President_Barack_Obama_with_David_Letterman_09-21-09In my latest career move I’m channelling Terry Wogan and David Letterman, and I have plot to record a regular chat show.

Guests will be some cool people who have great experience and knowledge to share about digital communications in public services. Not everyone will work in public services, hopefully we can get insights from in and outside the sector.

This involves YouTube, rather than TV however – I’ll just be screen recording Skype videochats to save me hiring a crew and my own studio. There’s no reason Obama can’t be a guest though, I’ll aim high.

The aim is to help communications people in public services get their heads around the issues of the day, highlight great work and people and learn from each other.

I’m asking guests to talk to me in 20 minutes or under:

  • I introduce you and ask you to give a brief summary of what you do.
    One minute
  • First I ask you to answer five questions:
    1. Why do you do what you do? (Aside from the amazing money naturally!)
    2. What digital communications project/work have you been involved with that you are most proud of?
    3. What’s an example of a recent digital comms campaign or project that impressed you?
    4. Where do you see the future of public sector digital comms?
    5. What three tips would you give to anyone working in public sector digital comms?
    About 11/12 minutes
  • Optional: We chat about a digital communications subject of your choosing (for example, stuff like: How can we do digital comms on a budget? What do citizens want from public services on social media? What’s the future for public sector communications teams?)
    No more than five minutes.
  • We plug anything you would like plugged.
    One minute

Let’s give it a go and see how it works out. I’ll blog episodes when they’re uploaded.

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