Communications six-month mentoring programme

coffee-2608864_960_720Are you brimming with talent but need support to fulfil your potential?

This is a scenario many communications teams face – we just aren’t resourced well enough to give colleagues the mentoring they need to make them thrive.

But help is at hand.

Six-month mentoring programme

Month 1: One hour call to chat through the mentee’s background and experience, ambitions and issues they and the organisation face.
We want this work to be enjoyable, so it’s important to establish the best style of mentoring – perhaps they need reassurance and confidence, or they may want to be challenged and to question what they do, or perhaps we might focus on clarifying motivations and inspiring them.

The mentee will then have three weeks to complete a personal development questionnaire that will look at their current network, career aspirations and networks.

Month 2: One day in-house with the mentee: looking at and discussing what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, identifying any gaps and suggesting improvements. We will set some SMART objectives and look at how they can boost the impact of their work. We will do some tailored coaching on topics identified.

Month 3: Follow-up email with suggested reading, tasks and ideas.

Month 4 – 6: Four fortnightly one-hour calls – tailored to coaching the mentee towards meeting their professional goals:

  • Discussing outcomes of tasks set
  • Developing communications skills
  • Understanding the potential for new social media platforms and techniques
  • Discussing related news and case studies and what they and the organisation might learn
  • Making introductions to industry leaders an useful contacts
  • Boosting personal effectiveness

Each call will end with: one (or more) task and suggested reading to be done before the next call.

We will remain open to whatever may surface after spending time together, but here are areas we might want to cover:

  • Career progression strategies
  • Networking
  • Public speaking
  • Communications and social media strategy
  • Improving your communications skills
  • Tips and techniques for creativity
  • Boosting internal buy-in and support for comms
  • Practical, personalised Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter training

The programme will cost £2,500 plus expenses (for travel and accommodation).

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