#CommsCreative: the creative communications archive

The #CommsCreative Challenge is a free, monthly creative communications task to:

  • help you boost your comms creativity
  • support and get inspiration from others who are sharing their #CommsCreative work online

I set these challenges because I think we often get bogged down in day-to-day work, and it’s useful to join a club like this that pushes us to try new things.  

There will be challenges to get you more creatively writing, drawing, video making, designing and all sort of other things.

Creativity is not just a talent, it’s muscle. We need to exercise it to get stronger 💪 

They’re monthly, because we’re all busy, and this is something we can all commit to.

Scroll down the page, and you’ll find links to past tasks to complete at your own pace (or you can pick and choose the stuff that looks good).

Principles of The #CommsCreative challenges:

  • The resulting thing doesn’t need to be good, it’s about playing with it.  Van Gogh was probably crap the first time he tried painting.
  • Taking part is fun, but also a good opportunity to think about things a bit differently.
  • Share your efforts! And chat to people who have shared theirs!  We’re all going to keep each other motivated and inspired.

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Once you sign up, on the first Monday of the month you’ll be all set to get the latest challenge, as well as inspiration, tips, case studies, and all the good stuff on creative communications  and social media.

Share your work

Share your work with the #CommsCreative hashtag, and tag me @HelReynolds too, so I can see your wonderful creations.

Find other people working on their #CommsCreative challenge on Twitter and Instagram to see what everyone is up to!

Don’t forget to share this page with colleagues and friends who want to try new creative techniques so they can join in too.

The challenge

1. August 2018 challenge
You’re going to a make a sketchnote, and it doesn’t matter if you can draw or not…👇

2. September 2018 challenge
Have a cup of tea and write a blog – the easy way…

3. October 2018 challenge
Sign up to the Comms Creative newsletter to find out first 

4. November 2018 challenge
Sign up to the Comms Creative newsletter to find out first 

5. December 2018 challenge
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Ways to take part

Not all these tasks are accessible, but some will be, so I hope people with any impairments can take part in some or all of these. 

I have psoriatic arthritis and I know that drawing isn’t an option as sometimes my hands are knackered.  

In those thankfully rare cases, I might use Canva to make an graphic instead of doing a drawing, or maybe even structure words on a page in an or visual way interesting way.

Perhaps if you can’t take part you can offer an alternative version of the task that I can share with others? 

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