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Writing statements: avoid clichés like the plague
If you write media statements, advise colleagues or clients or speak to the media regularly yourself – it can be
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Is calling out #virtuesignalling a way to shut ‘the people’ up?
With the UK now a smartphone society and growing use of social media, new trends and ways to communicate will inevitably
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Some tips for new podcasters
A few weeks ago, I made the trip to London to do a podcasting course at the Guardian offices –
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Collaboration and communications need trust: is Knowledge Hub the answer for the public sector?
I’m lucky to have some amazing clients doing great things in social housing and public service. So many government departments,
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Why Awards Matter – Communication, Leadership and Rhetoric
Note from Helen: It’s such an honour to share a guest post on this blog from a communicator I have
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#probooks: Join the Cardiff Professional Book Club
A book club where we read business and professional development stuff – if you’re near Cardiff and your New Year
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#samaritansradar: Appealing for real in the social media apology
Samaritans have suspended their Twitter monitoring app.  I initially thought it was a nice idea but I was being naive
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