#probooks: Join the Cardiff Professional Book Club

A book club where we read business and professional development stuff – if you’re near Cardiff and your New Year resolution is ‘read more’ or ‘improve my career’, this might be just what you’re after.

How to be BrilliantPsychopathic Cultures & Toxic EmpiresThe PrinceLean inCapital in the twenty-first century

Why? Talking to a new friend, Florence Jillett, this month, I noticed she had a bunch of interesting books in her bag: on personal development, marketing and all sorts of professional subjects.

I love being inspired by new concepts, theories or experiences too and I was happy to take some recommendations.

Even better though: Florence has the idea that we do a book club so we can further explore ideas with other people.  I’m IN.

I need deadlines to get anything done, including reading, so a monthly club will help me read more.

Also, I like the idea of reading something I may not have gone for if it was up to me on my own.

When? The plan is: we meet in Chapter Art Centre in Cardiff the last Tuesday of the month.

What? The first half an hour we discuss the main themes of the book, the second half hour we let the chat move wherever we want to.

We’ll choose books as we go along – anything that can inspire or inform us professionally. Biographies, how to books, manuals – whatever the group fancies. Maybe Niccolò MachiavelliSheryl Sandberg? Thomas Piketty?

The first meeting is January 27th. The first book is How To Be Brilliant by Michael Heppel.

Read it and join in! 

Register on Eventbrite here.


4 thoughts on “#probooks: Join the Cardiff Professional Book Club

  1. Sounds like a great idea! Discussions just as important as the reading, and its definitely always good to have a bit of pressure to actually make you get that reading done…

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