Social media inspiration for the public sector

Social For The People is run by Helen Reynolds and will help you:

  • Build a smart, effective social media strategy that supports your organisation’s objectives
  • Creatively integrate social media into your communications campaign so you get read, shared and engagement
  • Inspire and educate your team to make the most of free social media tools in their work

Keep up-to-date with what’s happening in public sector social media and communications by reading the blog.

To find out how Helen can work with you, look at the ‘Hire Helen‘ page.

I help housing associations and councils to use social media and digital technology to communicate better and create a healthy and vibrant culture.

HelenI don’t want to work with leaders to help them understand why digital and social is important.

I want to work with leaders who know it’s important and want fresh ideas and actions that will equip their organisations for a new era.

The opportunities are vast and exciting.

Hire me if you want good advice, fun company and a big vision.”

Helen Reynolds, Director of Social For The People

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